One Amazing Tour! A clients travel story. . .

"We've just returned from one of the most magnificent trips to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.

A group trip designed for spiritually minded people planned around some very powerful spiritual teachers but with plenty of time for integration and relaxation with much great body work throughout. After arriving at the hotel many people had reserved the optional Lomi Lomi massage which was wonderful that melted the plane travel soreness away.

A magnificent opening ceremony on the beach under the light of flaming torches with a delightful Hawaiian Kahuna. Dolphins appeared offshore to bless us under a bright moon as we experienced tales and legends about the spirits and ancestors of the Hawaiian culture through chant and story.

The next day, our Kahuna really came into her own during spiritual training which lasted an entire morning. Much wisdom and METAPHYSICAL insights were shared and we all came away feeling truly blessed. We took the afternoon off and had a magnificent luau in the evening - the best on the island. The following morning was an easy one with an underwater submarine ride down 150 feet to the tropical reefs. There was shopping in the afternoon and dinner that evening in Lahaina, Maui. 

The third day we left early to swim with the sea turtle and the dolphins but did not see any as we'd gone to a rather shallow bay for the sake of children in the group. We did get to swim with the sea turtles among the coral reefs and saw the magnificent parrot fish. We also got to see the beautiful Hawaiian state fish called the.... wait for it..... Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Our guide was amazing as she could free dive to 45 feet and swim for another 2-3 minutes with the urchins and fish on the coral bed. It took me several tries just to get to the bottom and then shoot like heck to the surface for air!

After the snorkeling it was off to the lava beds of sacred ground trekking along following the coastline until we found an amazing bay on the shore with a small cave in the lava and shaded by an umbrella tree. Our didgeridoo healer produced the most amazing effects with his aboriginal didgeridoo having us sit one by one in the cave as he aimed the instrument at our chakra's and opened each chakra with the deep tones of his didgeridoo as the sound vibrated off the cave walls. Very powerful. We also shared in a nurturing healing circle under a tree. The day had turned into one of magic!

We went to bed early to be awakened at 2 AM to go to Mt. Haleakala, Maui's sacred volcano. At 10,000 feet the air was down to just 30 degrees before sunrise. We were privileged to have an extremely powerful Kahuna of plant and spirit healing, and at the first lightening of the skies she invoked the spirit of the volcano with chants and ceremony. The air calmed; the skies were crystal clear and then as we watched... the clouds, which were thousands of feet BELOW us, became etched in pinks and yellow as the sun rose and the crater bowl crept with the clouds shadows.

By now we had attracted an audience watching us in ceremony and chant as we welcomed the day. To my amazement, some of the onlookers were crying, others were mesmerized. Several thanked us for a very moving ceremony. Obviously they were moved to the depths of their hearts, as were we all. The photos we have of the sunrise over Haleakela are absolutely stunning! As we descended, a magnificent rainbow appeared over the volcano slope. What a blessed end to the morning.

After breakfast at an inn, we went to the sacred pools in the valley below where we learned of plant medicine from Alalani and were blessed in a ceremony at the waters edge. In the evening our Kahuna produced a feast of vegetarian delights and we ate on the beach following the sacred Awa ceremony in which we drank a concoction made from the Kava root. We were so into the spirit and energy that we shared tremendous love and mutual support among all group members.

On the 6th day we went to Kona and in the morning drove the scenic route to Hilo through the rain forest past rugged coastline. Our guide there was Moapani who took us to a natural thermal pool near the lava beds over which the waves crashed... partially filling the pool with cooler waters. Surrounded by rain forest, the scene was magical and serene!

Towards evening we went to an active volcano in Volcano National Park to watch the sun set over hissing vents and clouds of steam and to thank spirit for the most magical trip.

We have been invited by a very powerful teacher/master to return in August to participate in a very special annual event held around the 14th August at an ancient Hawaiian temple in Hawaii, Practically no outsider ever gets invited to this sacred event which includes a gathering of the clans and Kahuna ceremony. It is a healing of the land and the people in authentic costume, dance and ceremony. This is not a tourist event. Those who are allowed in are a privileged few. We are very blessed.

If anyone is sincerely interested in joining and participating with us we would LOVE to put together a group and I guarantee you'll NEVER, NEVER, EVER have an experience like this on any vacation ANYWHERE!"

A minimum of ten people makes up a group to keep the cost down to about $1998.00 including air from the west coast, inter island car/land transport, hotel, some meals, training's, tours, teachings, ceremony, luau, snorkeling, healings, and everything else.


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