Aloha & Welcome, proudly offers a variety of products and services divined to nurture your body, mind and spirit with the essense of aloha found in the Hawaiian Islands.

...consist of specially energized waters that are infused with a perfect balance of color, light and scent. Different blends offer different benefits, including; stress relief, clarity, and energy. Very popular in therapy centers.

...journey into the heart of the true Spirit of Aloha. Experience the mystical majesty of magical Maui, the legendary aliveness of the Big Island, and the serenity of Kaua`i, the garden isle.

...we offer many different types of wedding vows from traditional to non-denominational, from spectacular beach front locations to Maui's sacred waterfalls. From music to cakes and catering, we've covered all the bases.

...there are so many talented professional artists, crafts-people and healers on Maui. Start here to find the piece of paradise you left behind, that you couldn't quite pack for your journey home.


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